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Mood Board Visuals A mood board is nothing more than a collage of images that shows the look of your project. Objectives While your overview is grand and wide-sweeping, your objectives should be concrete and attainable. Do they have a loyal following? You will need to check their calendars to schedule a shoot. Do you already have videos that can be repurposed? Are you planning on interviewing a customer for a case study or testimonial video? Here you would list the metrics to track successful your campaign is. Video production is expensive, whether you are hiring an outside agency or using internal resources. Through this, the business will be able to identify the best ways to achieve these goals. Now you identify the target audience. From there, they can craft a video that is relevant to them. Finally, who is going to be the point person on this project? As an example, you might include in your template three core types of demographic that your marketing team is focusing on. This could include the leadership chain in marketing, as well as executives in the C-suite, HR, or Legal.

Setting a firm deadline and budget will help you stay within the constraints of your current market strategy, and will make it easier for you to judge your marketing success later on. Who on staff can you count on?

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If you haven't already, download our free creative brief template above to follow along. Create your own private templates to share with colleagues and speed up common tasks and processes.

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Do you have someone on staff who already knows how to use the editing software, or will you need to learn as you go? Do you want to get client testimonials to post on your website? Your template can also be used throughout the marketing department for new marketing efforts, reducing administrative time and — most importantly — making your marketing more consistent and coherent.

creative brief template pdf

A great way to help inspire your future video projects is to see what others are doing, whether they are in the same industry or in one completely opposite from you.

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How to write a clear creative brief for video production