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I always vote for ungated content because the long-term value of having something open and sharable trumps a few email addresses. The information is easily accessible through the "Notes" tab on your Timeline or home page. Click "Preview" to check how your post will look. Also, you could pair the long-form content with an event or contest or giveaway. Just a straight up resource. People will be less likely to bounce. What do you think? What makes them tick? My only question is, will it be yours?

But, why did they make it 63,? Good writers are expensive, so be prepared. On every page, make it super easy to share the content. Success in Social Media One of the things that helps your content be seen is inbound links, and the fact is content with more words simply brings more links.

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The company found that the top-rated posts usually were over 2, words. Things to consider: Email sign-up buttons Make it easy for people to get more of your content. They have increased the previous character limit to 63, Now, return to being a marketer.

Think about: Keywords and search queries What are people looking for?

How to post long messages on facebook

Target audience Who are you going after? And, remember, reaching out to influencers and including them in the guide is a tried-and-true strategy that brings results. If you want to move the photo to a different spot in the post, move its corresponding photo ID tag. The key is to be genuine in each email. The buttons at the top of the editor make it possible to quickly add simple formatting to your post. For updates and information that are too lengthy to conveniently put in a status update, use the Facebook Notes feature. Wait for the file to upload to Facebook -- if the photo is big or your connection is slow, this may take a few seconds. Do you want to connect with your customers, grow your email list, get leads, or something else?
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How to Post Longer Status Messages on Facebook