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In New York, the primary who becomes the commuters who were stranded. Use a Lead-In Sentence Most broadcast news stories start with a lead-in sentence that is fairly general. Use the Active Voice Sentences written in the active voice just naturally tend to be shorter and more to-the-point than those written in the passive voice.

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It's neat and bane. Graphic 5. Kirsten Gillibrand on Friday to fill New York's vacant Senate seat, finally settling on a woman from a largely rural, eastern district of the state to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Television is a visual news medium, so with no visual elements even a compelling story must be told quickly.

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It is not enough for your story to make sense; it should sound good. Fix this script These sentences are too long. By looking first at RDRs, you should gain an understanding of how and why broadcast writing differs from writing for print and online media — even social media that might be even more condensed than broadcast. Why not? You guessed it — put more than one main idea per sentence and that sentence will be too long. After all, a radio listener or TV viewer can't go back and re-read a sentence. When you read the first sentence out loud, the fragment makes your voice pause in an awkward way. Rcad bolrih of trnenn alouC.

Avoid subordinate or relative clauses. We ean't see dctails anyway; it's too dlarlk fon tlhat. Two City Council members have tried repeatedly to force Prentice to quit.

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Tips for Writing Broadcast News Copy