Writing a vision statement using growth mindset

Past students visiting lessons — to deliver lessons and raise aspirations.

Class vision

It is intended to be inspirational. We can be the creator of our destiny or a victim of circumstances. We pulled in as much community input as we could get during the month of May, collecting more than comments from students, parents, faculty and the community. You may be asking why I am making such a big deal about having a personal vision. Consider metacognitive strategies such as proof reading and redrafting. Are there examples of excellent work to inspire students, in every classroom? It will serve as the lighthouse, the North Star. Provide more opportunities in lessons for DIRT — enabling students to close the gap. You can find more displayed around the school, on our website and of course see them displayed by the children, staff and governors. Putting the focus on effort is also empowering because it puts all employees on a level playing field. Articles in the press? For example, as we pursue exellence in student learning, we agree to do so while maintaining positive language. By providing children with rich and rewarding learning experiences, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning and equip children with the key knowledge, understanding, skills and personal qualities they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. A firm I worked with a few years ago had gone through major organizational changes over several years and the new CEO felt the firm had gone through so much upheaval that it was best to default to doing nothing. How will we get there and why are we doing this?

More direct challenge and accountability for leaders. Please read our ' Teaching and Learning' policy to understand our vision more fully.

creating a classroom vision

It was great to see so much discussion about such an important topic — with many great ideas coming forward.

Set out how you are going to get there. The future is unknown, the markets are unknown, and change is constant. But whoever the stakeholders are—everyone must be committed to that vision for it to stand a chance of becoming fulfilled.

examples of vision and mission statements for schools

More people observing more people peer obs. Displays changed more often. Student led assemblies.

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A growth mindset is more than a mission statement