Writing an encyclopedia

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Other Internet Resources The author should cite material on the web that is of excellent value but which may not have undergone a referee process. Select a maximum number of features you want your experts to identify, probably between 25 and So, for example, to cite Locke's Two Treatises of Government, you could refer to it as "Locke " in the text using the original year of publicationand then include the following listing in the Bibliography: Locke, J.

It would be prudent to set up a test with the editors to check that your plain text editor is not damaging the file, for if you damage the file, you will have to redo your changes.

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Johnson ed. Entries should be precise and specific, the use of jargon minimized, and technical concepts expressed in plain or previously defined language.

Entries on technical topics themselves should include definitions of the technical terms used.

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Warning Plagiarizing can cause you to receive a failing grade on the paper. The Entry Template, by contrast, has no annotations or sample content.

Writing an encyclopedia

Also, publishers could not afford all the resources by themselves, so multiple publishers would come together with their resources to create better encyclopedias. Log the frequency with which some subjects are repeated. Please note, however, that they should not be used solely for citations, or even lists of citations. Body appears in regular typeface. Colloquialism is inappropriate. The best known of these were World Book and Funk and Wagnalls. Some were women, like Hildegard of Bingen and Herrad of Landsberg. Introduction The Introduction should contain a brief definition of the subject. Related Entries Please list the names of the most important concepts and philosophers that occur in your entry. During the Renaissance , middle classes had more time to read and encyclopedias helped them to learn more. You also-want to have an organization and exposition that suits the topic. Kennedy was born in to a wealthy Irish family. Please do not cut and paste from a Word document into the Edit box unless you 1 first save the Word document as a "plain text" file, and then 2 cut and paste from the plain text file. By the late 20th century, encyclopedias were being published on CD-ROMs for use with personal computers.

Don't write this: "John F.

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