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It has all the exercises to teach about inclination, trajectory, the direction of lines, curvature while writing and other small tricks which can play a good role in making the handwriting better and attractive. It works properly with all the sensors of iOS devices and makes the task very interesting.

Now, read more to know about these apps in a better way. And we believe coding is an essential skill.

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You might be wondering what makes these applications really worthy. Partially obscured behind the MacBook is an iPad whose screen displays a snowboarder going down a mountian. It helps the child learn about both uppercase and lowercase letters and read and write them properly and beautifully. It is compatible with many languages so you can express yourself in any way regardless of your language.

You can use several colours and pencil to do so. It is specifically designed for kids to make them learn how to write increasing their concentration power. This app uses an advanced technology called OCR Optical Character Recognition which is widely used nowadays to make notes from scanned paper and helpful in jotting it down editable text.

Front-facing iPhone with calorie counting app showing remaining calories for the day and telling you to eat more.

App writing assessment grids

This app has a very simple and intuitive interface with all the attractive tools to engage the child in learning. It is featured with animated graphics and wonderful sound effects which draws the attention of the child while learning. They also offer exercises to practice good handwriting in an artistic manner. Photo: Letter School 2. It uses an innovative and attractive way to teach tracing a and writing numerals and alphabet. It has many other features which can help in improving your child's capability to write and learn. When you want pizza, code places your online order. You can make your child's handwriting better with the listed app along with keeping all your notes quickly using the notepads listed in this article. Apart from writing notes, this app is also superb for making drawings and sketches. When you turn your car on, code lets your key talk to the engine. If you have faced any queries while using any of these listed apps, then please put it down in the comments. It is a wonderful app to make the work easier and take notes quickly and in a different way.
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